LTO 7's high tech body cams can't be tampered with

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LAW enforcement officers of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7 will soon be equipped with body-worn Internet Protocol (IP) cameras during their legitimate operations as the LTO central office has deployed 46 body-worn cameras for LTO 7 law enforcement personnel.

LTO 7 Regional Director Emmanuel Caindec, during the ceremonial turnover of these IP body cameras on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021, at the LTO Malasakit Service Center in Cebu City, said they have completed the user-training for these cameras and are just waiting for the formal order to officially start their use.

An IP camera is a digital video camera that transmits and receives data over internet or a network.

These cameras procured by the national government, Caindec said, are equipped with sim cards and are waterproof. The data in these are stored in LTO ‘s local servers. Each enforcement officer will be given a dedicated kit with the body camera, body straps and a spare battery which can last up to eight hours.

Caindec said the footage from these cameras can also be evidentiary in nature in case there will be disputes on the apprehensions made by law enforcers.

He said these cameras are deployed to LTO law enforcement officers only and these do not cover LTO deputized agents like those in the Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police which he said, also implements its own body-worn camera systems.

He said the law enforcement officers have no capability to delete or alter files in the camera as these information are protected and only the LTO server administrator office in their central office has the capability to manage the information.

Caindec, however, said these cameras are not “diary cameras” and will be used only during legitimate operations. (WBS)

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