LTO to Auction Off 115 Abandoned Vehicles on October 2

Patrick Everett Tadeo

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now accepting offers for a total of 115 vehicles that, after having been impounded by the agency, have been abandoned by their owners “for failure to pay the necessary and required fines and penalties within 6 months from date of apprehension.”

The LTO is accepting the offers via sealed bidding. There are a couple of catches though.

One, in the off chance that the owner of a vehicle that’s up for bidding would still like to redeem it, he/she may do so “after paying all the necessary charges within a period of 15 calendar days from receipt of notice or to participate in the public bidding.”

Second, the vehicles are on an “as-is, where-is” basis, so mea culpa if you bought one that doesn’t meet your expectations. The good news though is that the vehicles are available for viewing and inspection at the LTO Central Office on East Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City from September 26 to October 2. If you find a vehicle to your liking, you may obtain the bidding form at the “GBM Unit, GSS” on the same dates.

The deadline for the submission of the bids is on October 2 at 1:30 AM while the opening of the bids will be on the same date at 2 PM.

Here’s the link of the list of vehicles to be auctioned off. We do have to warn you though that while the vehicle’s plate number and the name of its registered owner is on it, it only indicates the vehicle type–like if it’s a motorcycle, an electric bike, a van, or a taxi–so you might have to use the LTO’s, well, “TextLTO” service by typing “LTO Vehicle (Plate Number)” in your phone’s SMS app and then sending it to 2600. You will then get the vehicle’s details including its make, model, model year, color, last date of registration, and if it has been flagged as stolen. Of course, if it’s one of the electric bikes you’re interested in, the service won’t be of any help since they don’t have any license plates.

If you find anything to your liking, good luck!

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