LTO’s new plate-making robot can churn out 3,600 motorcycle plates in a day

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is apparently making good on its commitment to address the backlog on the issuing of license plates as it launched the operation of its second automated plate-making machine, meant to speed up the production of motorcycle license plates.

While the LTO’s first machine can produce 700 vehicle license plates an hour or 5,600 plates in an 8-hour shift, the second machine complements the first by focusing on the manufacturing of motorcycle plates.

The new plate-making robot is capable of producing 450 plates an hour, equivalent to manufacturing 3,600 motorcycle plates in an 8-hour shift or 7,200 motorcycle plates a day. The machine can produce a total of 158,400 motorcycle plates if left to run for a month on a two-day shift.

LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante said in a statement that the newest plate-making machine will complement the existing plate-making machines at the LTO Plate-Making Facility to ensure a swifter production of car and motorcycle license plates, which were outsourced in the past.

The machine is located at the LTO Quezon City office and is equipped with manufacturing equipment from Germany.

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