Lucid Air electric cars get official EPA ranges, up to 520 miles

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Luxury electric car manufacturer Lucid has been targeting a maximum range of more than 500 miles for the Air sedan for a couple years now. Early testing and internal estimates showed it was possible, and now it has been confirmed by the EPA. The official range for the longest-range Lucid Air is 520 miles on a single charge.

That's specifically for the Air Dream Range with 19-inch wheels. It's one of two special edition models, the Dream Range and Dream Performance. In addition to having a 520-mile range, it's the second-most efficient Lucid, rated with 125 mpg-e. Adding the optional 21-inch wheels drops the range down to 481 miles and efficiency to 116 mpg-e.

The other special edition, the Dream Performance, which gets 1,111 horsepower instead of 933, is understandably less efficient and can't quite go as far as the Range. It's rated with the standard 19-inch wheels at 471 miles of range and 116 mpg-e. Add 21-inch wheels and the range drops to 451 miles and efficiency to 111 mpg-e.

The greenest Lucid option so far is the Grand Touring model. It gets 516 miles of range and has a combined efficiency of 131 mpg-e. It's also the slowest model with "just" 800 horsepower.

Also interesting to note is that both the Lucid Air Dream Range and Grand Touring models have better combined efficiency numbers than any Tesla Model S variant. All rated versions are also way more efficient than Porsche Taycan models. And backing up the long ranges is 300-kW DC fast charging courtesy of Lucid's 900-volt system.

Of course, the Lucid models above aren't cheap. The Grand Touring starts around $139,000, and the Dream models start around $169,000.

There are a couple of Lucid Air models that haven't been rated yet, though. The base 480-horsepower Air Pure and the 620-horsepower Air Touring haven't received EPA numbers. Lucid expects to get a range of around 406 miles from each. Considering how close Lucid's estimates were for the high-end versions, we expect those estimates to be accurate.

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