Lucid Air interior tour

Lucid Air interior tour

Video Transcript

- Now this is the interior of the Lucid Air. Now there's actually four different color motifs available for this car. They're all named after various California locales of Mojave, Tahoe, Santa Monica, and this is Santa Cruz. How is this like Santa Cruz? I'm not entirely sure.

But practically speaking, what it means is you have this bluish black leather accented in this lovely bronze piping and stitching. And then when you move to the back seat, oh, the back seats not black. No, it is ivory, but it still has the bronze piping and stitching. It is a unique element in here.

Take a closer look of this lovely textile on the back of the seats and then also the doors and under the dash and on the center console. Some really lovely material. Then you have open pore wood on the door and on the dash and on the center console. Roller one of the things I do want to point out is this. It's the California bear logo.

Though much as Volvos have the Swedish logo or Swedish flag, excuse me, on the seats right about here, Lucid has California. They draw inspiration, as the names of these interiors would imply, from California. So they're putting the state emblem on it.

And this really is a lovely interior. It looks cool. The materials quality is very high, and this is just one of the elements that shows you that Lucid really means business with this car.

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