Lucky Mother: Actress Ivana Alawi gifts mom with brand-new Ford SUV

Coconuts Manila
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Some moms receive flowers from their kids, but Fatima Marbella, the mother of Ivana Alawi, just got a brand-new Ford Expedition from her famous kid.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel over the weekend, Ivana is seen buying the dark blue SUV worth almost PHP3.8 million (US$79,000) at a Ford dealership, saying that her mother deserved it because Fatima is the “CEO” of their family.

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“I wanted to buy my mom a car because I want to put them first ahead of myself. When all of them get their own cars, that’s when I’ll buy one for myself,” Ivana said of her family.

Before showing the car to her mother, Ivana and brother Hashim Alawi pretended to argue over something, with Hashim storming off outside their home. Hashim stayed at the garage with their youngest sibling Mona Alawi, where their mother and Ivana found them right beside the blue SUV.

The ecstatic Marbella was given the documents certifying that she owned the vehicle, prompting her to say, “You’re so sweet! I really don’t need this; I’m happy just being with you.”

“I have nothing else to ask for, being blessed with beautiful and loving kids and son. Hot, sexy, and macho, everything. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for everything, for giving me such wonderful kids,” Marbella said.

Watch the entire video below to see how things went down.

The Alawis are probably the most famous family on Pinoy YouTube, thanks to Ivana’s channel which has almost 11 million subscribers. Ivana is an actress just like Mona. She met her once-estranged father, Moroccan businessman Samier Al-Alawi, in Subic shortly before he passed away.

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