I put Lululemon's newest high-tech yoga mat to the test, and here's what I really thought

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Lululemon's newest yoga mat boasts an innovative 3D textured surface, and I put it to the test. Image courtesy of Lululemon.
Lululemon's newest yoga mat boasts an innovative 3D textured surface, and I put it to the test. Image courtesy of Lululemon.

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I’ve always been someone who prefers a good workout at home rather than hitting the gym, and over the course of the last year of life spent mainly indoors, hitting my yoga mat most evenings has become an essential part of how I look after my mental health.

When Lululemon recently announced their newest Take Form Yoga Mat that's designed to help you flow more intuitively through your practice, I knew I had to try it out for myself and see how it compared to my previous standby - Lululemon’s 5mm Reversible Mat.

The details

According to Dennis Wang, Lululemon’s Vice President of Accessories Design, what makes the Take Form yoga mat especially unique is the first-of-its-kind 3D zoned cushioning. The innovative texture helps you feel your way around the mat while staying centred in poses without the need to look down.

Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat

Take Form Yoga Mat. Image courtesy of Lululemon.
Take Form Yoga Mat. Image courtesy of Lululemon.

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“We created this using cutting edge technology to enhance sensory perception and support alignment with visual and tactile alignment cues,” Wang shared with Yahoo Canada.

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“Each of the water droplet-like zones have been mapped out and rigorously tested to guide optimal body positioning across the poses yogis identified as the most difficult to master while the tidal flow-inspired texture and contoured edges further enhance grip and stability.”

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Like the Arise Mat, it’s built with natural, sustainably-sourced Forest Stewardship Council certified rubber material and offers unparalleled grip and cushioning to support you through your toughest poses. Retailing for $118, the Take Form mat is suitable for yogis of all levels.

First impressions

When my Take Form yoga mat first arrived, I was definitely intrigued by its unique textured surface, which looks just like ripples across the surface of a pond. If you’ve ever used one of Lululemon’s yoga mats in the past, then you’ll know that they have a definite heft to them (especially the thicker ones), which the Take Form mat also delivers.

Putting my Take Form Yoga Mat to the test.
Putting my Take Form Yoga Mat to the test.

Personally I’m a fan of as much extra cushioning as I can get, since I tend to have sensitive wrists that aren’t always a fan of holding certain postures. I liked how certain areas of the mat have reinforced padding where you would want it most - think where you would place your hands, feet, knees or hips while sitting.

Final thoughts

The rippled design of the Take Form yoga mat certainly took some getting used to, but once I did I found that I really appreciated having the different spots to anchor myself throughout my practice. If you’re someone who feels like they need a little encouragement or direction on your form, this might be a great option for times when you don’t have a yoga instructor making adjustments. If on the other hand, you’re someone who is more comfortable and free-spirited with your approach to placement on the mat, you may find the 3D texture somewhat distracting or prescriptive.

I’m a fan of the design myself, but it’s also important to note that the Take Form mat is really only designed for one purpose. Unlike Lululemon’s other mats that can be used for pilates, training, or meditation, the Take Form mat is recommended solely for yoga. For that reason, I’d say that if you’re someone looking to deepen your daily practice, it’s a worthy investment. If yoga is only one part of your fitness routine, I think you’d be better off sticking with one of Lululemon's other classic mats instead.

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