Lumpiang shanghai is No. 2 on Taste Atlas' list of the world's best street foods

Photo of freshly cooked Filipino food called Lumpiang Shanghai or fried ground pork meat in spring roll wrapper.
Freshly cooked Lumpiang Shanghai or fried ground pork in spring roll wrapper. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Filipino street food, lumpiang shanghai, has once more received honor as one of the most popular snacks from the Philippines.

International online food guide, Taste Atlas, posted on Sept 28 a ranking of the "50 Best Street Foods" from around the world, as rated by the website's users.

Lumpiang shanghai, a version of the Filipino spring rolls, or lumpia, took the No. 2 spot in the ranking.

In the top spot was roti canai, a Malaysian flatbread. In third place was karaage, the Japanese fried chicken dish.

Taste Atlas describes lumpiang shanghai as “the most popular variety of lumpia, the crispy deep-fried Filipino snack that evolved from Chinese spring rolls. Even though lumpia appears in numerous variations, the Shanghai version is characterized by a savory filling which combines ground pork or beef with carrots, onions, various seasonings, and (occasionally) shrimps.”

Lumpiang shanghai previously also received the honor of people's favourite food from Southeast Asia among Taste Atlas users.

Taste Atlas focuses on reviewing local, traditional, authentic food for travellers, differentiating itself from other food review platforms such as the Michelin Guide or other platforms which focus on tourist favourites.

The food guide has often featured Filipino food in the past.

In August, kare-kare was ranked among best stews in the world on Taste Atlas.

In a ranking of egg dishes around the world, the Philippines had the best egg dish in the world in tortang talong, as well as the dubious honor of the worst egg dish in balut.

Sinigang was titled the Best Soup in the World by the 2021 Taste Atlas Awards where lumpia was ranked second in the top side dishes category.

Taste Atlas described lumpia as a "simple and flavorful Filipino finger food that evolved from the Chinese spring rolls."

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