Macron Lectures Teenager on Respect at Paris WWII Commemoration Event

French President Emmanuel was quick to correct a teenager who called him by his nickname, Manu, as he was greeting the public at Mont Valerien during commemorations of Charles de Gaulle’s June 18, 1940, appeal for French resistance against the Nazis.

Video of the incident shows the boy saying “How’s it going, Manu?” Macron can then be seen waving a finger at the boy and saying, “No, no, no,” before turning back to talk to him.

Macron then tells the boy to address him by “Sir” or “Mr President.”

A video posted to Macron’s official account shows the moments after, as Macron tells the boy that he should behave with respect at such an event, and not act the fool. He tells him that he must first “earn a degree and feed himself” before he can begin giving lessons to others.

As the conversation continues, Macron talks about the need to have ambition, and to aim high in life. He advises the teenager that he should have the same ambition as those who chose to fight in the resistance. Credit: Emmanuel Macron via Storyful