Mad Swine: Farmer killed by his own pig in Romblon

A farmer has died in Romblon after he was attacked and bitten by his own pig earlier this week.

The attack, which happened on Monday afternoon, claimed the life of farmer Tanny Baladjay, 58, a resident of the village of Progreso Weste in the town of Odiongan, reported GMA News. His pig, who was killed by a neighbor after the attack, was named Turo.

According to his nephew Jondel Baladjay, Tanny was pumping water from a deep well when he was attacked by Turo, who appeared to be angry at the farmer, reported Romblon News Network.

Tanny tried to escape from the enraged animal but he fell to the ground. Turo used this as an opportunity to bite his thighs and buttocks.

Jondel told GMA News in Filipino: “I heard people calling my name, and saying ‘Father! (A term of respect)’ I stood up and saw Father sitting near a coconut tree and there was blood gushing out of his legs.”

Coconuts learned that Tanny was brought to the ISIAH Hospital & Medical Center in Odiongan for medical treatment. A staff of the hospital who wishes to remain anonymous told Coconuts in a phone interview that he was brought to the emergency room a little after 5pm on Monday.

The same source said Tanny’s buttocks and thighs were almost completely bitten off. He died at the hospital due to extreme blood loss from the incident.

As for Turo, he was buried after he was killed by Tanny’s neighbor. Tanny’s family said the farmer fed him before the incident and that they do not understand why the animal became enraged.

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