Madame LaQueer's Makeup Transformation Will Have You Running to Sephora and Your Closest Wig Store Stat

Megan Uy
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

From Cosmopolitan

Madame LaQueer is me. Obviously, no, I am by all means far from a glam queen—truly, I am nothing more than an imbecile compared to her. BUT! I had a point, and it's that we can both glow the eff up in a matter of minutes. Like, quite literally morph into a whole, new person through the power of makeup.

First things first, she puts on some super funky, striped contacts in. She ain't Madame LaQueer without them! Directly after, she jumps right into le face beat. Using a beauty sponge, she applies concealer onto her T-zone, under eyes, and chin to really illuminate those areas. For the un-caked part of her face, she pounces on foundation to give her that seamless and flawless look. And to give that warm, natural glow she adds on a cream blush which she gracefully dabbles onto her cheeks.

Before she really goes IN, she makes sure to conceal her actual brows so they are armed and prepared for the faux ones to be drawn on top of them. She then lathers up her creamy work of art with powder to set, contours with bronzer, and layers powder blush on top of the cream one, to of course, set it. If you don't want your face feeling like a thick, buttery glob, well, you have to make sure you slap on some powder so everything stays where it's supposed to!

You think at this point it's time to start on the eyes, but nope!! Madame was like, "Sikeee!" Instead, she pulled out her hot pink lip products and gave herself the sexiest pout. Okay, THEN she lays down her base and blends in purple and pink eyeshadows. On her left side, she draws in a pink brow but on the other side she sculpts a dramatic bright cat-eye wing that can sure as hell make her fly away!!

Sticking to the holy grail tricks, she adds black liner to the top of her lids before popping on her headpiece and just a lil extra sparkles. Friends, we stan.

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