Madison PD Seek Information After Fireworks Thrown at Officers During August 26 Protests

The City of Madison Police Department released two videos on Thursday, September 17, showing fireworks being deployed by protesters against police in downtown Madison early in the morning on August 26.

“The first video shows an object flying towards the intersection of University Avenue and North Park Street and blowing up right as a MPD squad car was moving past that spot around 1:20 am on August 26,” said the department in a news release. “The in-dash video captures an explosion that occurred immediately in front of a marked squad car on the 200 Bl W. Mifflin St., nearly hitting Madison Police Department officers who were attempting to quell the criminal behavior of several individuals.”

Nobody was injured in the incidents, according to the department, which said it was seeking information on both incidents, as well as on looting it says occurred during the protests.

Protests calling for an end to racial injustice took place in Madison on August 25 and 26, according to WMTV. Hundreds of people reportedly participated. Credit: City of Madison Police via Storyful