Male jeepney passenger caught on cam pretending to sleep, resting on woman’s shoulder

This is just plain sad and creepy.

Facebook user Edward Jerick Vergara Peñaflor shared a now-viral video yesterday of a man who was trying to sleep on a woman’s shoulder in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija while inside a jeepney. Peñaflor saw the incident when he was aboard the same vehicle.

Peñaflor said in the post that the man had just gotten inside the jeepney when the incident happened.

He wrote in Filipino: “He made the woman move so that he could sit next to her. Then he put his left hand on the woman’s waist. The woman moved away from her seat so she could remove the man’s hand.”

It didn’t end there — apparently, some people just don’t know when to stop.

“After that, he pretended to sleep so he could rest his head on the woman’s shoulder,” Peñaflor said.

In the video, the woman tries to remove the man’s head from her shoulder then later moves to a different seat. Watch the video and see how the man reacts.

“She hurriedly sat next to me. She was scared,” Peñaflor said.

The video has 1.7million views and over 23,000 shares. Netizens commented about how creepy the man was.

KClaire Nerona Villaver said: “He just closed his eyes, suddenly he can’t feel that he’s leaning on someone? Stupid! That’s the style of a [sex] maniac. People like him should be elbowed on the face.”

Facebook user Tinn Policarpio Guia wrote in Filipino: “The look the man has on his face after the woman changed [seats], it’s like he was annoyed.”

“This happened to me as well. Arghh, move right away once you get uncomfortable,” said Grace Balolong.

Kathz Ambrose said that if the man were handsome and smelled nice, the woman wouldn’t have reacted that way.

Uh, no. That would still be creepy.

Tina Mañabo wrote that this was the style of a sex maniac. “If I were the girl, I would’ve slapped him so he would wake up. She should’ve punched and slapped him for that.”

And this is why some women bring pepper spray with them all the time.

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