Malilong: Effrontery

Frank Malilong

LIFE does not stand still just because we have two new confirmed cases of the dreaded coronavirus.

Consider, for example, the case of the Argao police chief and his young detainee girlfriend. As soon as news of the officer’s arrest filtered out of police sources, social media went on overdrive. For once, people forgot about having to wear masks or wash their hands. We love a scandal.

I confess I am a sucker for love stories, especially star-crossed ones. In an ordinary world, the lovers would have lived happily ever after and nobody would have cared or even noticed. But theirs is a world riven by conflicts and now they have to pay the price, he, in terms of a blot in, perhaps even the end to, his career and she, the shame from having her mugshot taken and splashed in the front pages as the Delilah who brought down a promising career.

We’re talking of two consenting adults here. Maybe, they were not really lovers, they were just using each other. But other than the fact that they were caught using police property for their tryst, what makes the Argao police chief’s case different from those of other men who keep mistresses? She was under his custody. But she did not escape.

The police officer is not lily-white, no, far from it. Maybe, there is really no love in his story, just libido. He violated his oath and the police code of conduct and must suffer as a consequence. But does he deserve the bashing that he has been getting? How many among his bashers can claim the moral right to cast the first stone? Or are their hands just as stained as his, perhaps even more, and they’re demonizing him because it is cathartic to them? Poor, miserable people.


Speaking of bashing, this one is well-deserved.

Azul Cebu obtained a trademark for something that they did not own and had the temerity to warn people to not infringe on their “property right” otherwise there will be consequences.

The effrontery sparked a firestorm on Facebook. “Tuslob Buwa” was already there even when the Azul Cebu owner was still wetting his pants and how dare he claim exclusive right to use the name?

The only consolation that Azul Cebu earned from the experience was free publicity although judging from the comments on its page and elsewhere on Facebook, it did not bring them fame but notoriety.

Barangays Suba and Pasil, where the name originated, was reported to be set on seeking the cancellation of the trademark. I suggest that Azul Cebu should not wait for it and instead voluntarily ask that their trademark be withdrawn. That may not bring them forgiveness but at least it will not bring more uproar from a scandalized community.


Some people must be grinding their teeth in envy while Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella continues to share the City Government’s blessings with the barangays, the latest ones being the new buses that he distributed last week.

Well, it’s not Labella’s fault that he won and that when he did, the City was awash with cash from the sale of a huge chunk of the South Road Properties. As they say, the winner takes it all. And to Labella’s credit, he has spent his winnings judiciously.