Malilong: No more resolution, just plans

Frank Malilong

AT MIDNIGHT today, we bid goodbye to 2019. Hello, 2020.

I do not have a new year’s resolution. The previous ones turned out to be empty promises. Not keeping your word is the same as lying and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth especially when you do it to yourself.

I have plans instead of a resolution. I plan on losing weight from 86 to 82 kilos. The friends with whom I shared my plan have varying opinions on the degree of difficulty in carrying it out: from easy to very difficult. Such friends, wanting to be helpful but nearly messing up my plans.

It is probably not easy (to lose weight) but I plan on trying nevertheless. I weighed only 57 kilos when I got married (although that was many years ago) and 82 last June. It was easy to gain weight, as you can see. Surely, it is not too difficult to lose it. Or is it?

I plan on dieting. You know, less carbohydrates, less sugar, more fruits and vegetables and all that stuff. Someone suggested intermittent dieting but if that means forgoing my Thursday lunches and Saturday breakfasts with my Walk and Talk friends, I’ll pass. Besides, GERD (look it up in Google) is a constant threat and I don’t plan on indulging it.

I plan on being kinder to my vocal chords. Talk less, listen more. That’s a tall order to someone who has a one-hour radio program five days a week. But I have two able and experienced co-anchors in Titus B and Torni Elllie. Or I can just call my friend Mike Rama for an interview. He will give us rest.

I plan on spending less time on gadgets. No more Steve Harvey and Family Feud although, in fairness, he lulls me to sleep. Lesser visits to the ESPN website to check on whether the Los Angeles Lakers are winning and to BBC to see if Liverpool has kept its winning streak in the English premier league.

I plan on minimizing my absences from the oval and making up if they cannot be avoided. A one-hour daily brisk walk is not only conducive to the health but also uplifting to the spirit. What was it that Mayor Edgar Labella said about walking with friends? Walk alone and you walk fast; walk with others and you walk far.

I plan on becoming more patient and more tolerant to others. This is the most difficult plan, even more than losing weight. I have a quick temper that I have never been able to conquer (part of my failed resolutions). I have a habit of dismissing other opinions when I think I am right. I plan on continuing to pray for humility until the virtue can no longer elude me.

I plan on also praying for others, for the officials I admire (I think you know who they are) to have good health; for those that I have no opinion of to be blessed with the opportunity to shine; and for those who have violated their oath in the most blatant and disgraceful manner for God to take over. Ikaw na lay bahala nila Lord, basig gusto na nimo silang kuhaon kon di na gyud nimo mausab ang ilang kinaiya (It’s up to you, Lord, mayeb you want to take them away if you can’t change their ways).

If my plans should miscarry as even the best ones can, it will not be for want of trying. You can call that a resolution, if you like.

Happy New Year!