A mall provided a lounge for delivery riders. Non-riders took up all the seats

A photo of a rider’s lounge in a mall occupied by people who are not delivery drivers had social media debating about the existence of comprehension and social graces of most in the country.

It all began when a photo of a lounge, labeled with a big, fat “Rider’s Lounge” sign at the entrance, made the rounds — but was filled with people who were clearly not delivery riders, as they converged in groups and brought their laptops out.

Also in the photo is a single delivery rider standing to the side, checking his phone — with clearly no more room in the lounge that was meant for riders like him.

Users later identified the mall as SM City Santa Rosa in Laguna. The page TigaSouth Ka Ba wrote sarcastically in its post, “Kuya rider had to be the one to adjust as he didn’t want to impose on the others.”

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The photo was also shared on other Facebook pages and social media platforms. Users blasted the people in the photo for being inconsiderate towards delivery riders.

“How low is the reading comprehension of other Pinoys that they can’t understand the concept of a rider’s lounge?” one user said.

“If you wanted to hang out, there are coffee shops and milk tea shops. Why would they need to rob riders of their own place who are tired from working all day? That’s the only designated place for them and they have the nerve to take it away from them,” u/areyouthemoon wrote.

Meanwhile, another user blasted the mall for not having enough areas for people to hang out or sit after hours of walking.

“Trust me, this is at SM Sta. Rosa. No matter where you go, you won’t find a place to sit unless you’re willing to sit on the floor. Even the pet area is being used by parents as hangout places for their children. There are also people sleeping at the side. The food court area? Heck, there are people who don’t order anything who hang out there, taking seats away from those who actually order food,” u/mikulotski wrote.