Man, 40, killed in Asturias

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A 40-YEAR OLD man was killed in the lawn area of Barangay Tagbubonga, Asturias town in southern Cebu Thursday night, May 12, 2022.

Police Staff Sergeant Ervin Jugarap, investigating officer of Asturias Municipal Police Station, identified the victim as Rolando Nuñez, a farmer and resident of Barangay Tagbubonga.

Jugarap told SunStar Cebu that they received a call around 9 p.m. from the barangay captain of Tagbubonga informing them that there was a man killed in their area.

Jugarap and his team responded immediately to the area.

Allan Singco, a longtime friend of the victim, said that around 5:30 p.m., when he was going to attend their prayer meeting in the next barangay, he saw the body of the victim lying on the lawn area, facing a small store.

Singco thought that the victim had just passed out as he was having a drinking session with his cousin Jesus Singco around 4:40 in the afternoon.

When Singco went home, he checked if the victim was still lying in the area. By then, he discovered that the victim had a stab wound on his neck which was full of blood.

Based on their initial investigation, Jugarap said that the suspect used a sharp bolo and stabbed the victim many times.

Jugarap identified the suspect as Junrel Codoy, 30 years old and a resident of Barangay Tagbubonga.

Jugarap also said that they talked to the common-law partner of the victim, and she said that the only person who would have killed her partner was the one who he had heated arguments.

The victim and the suspect had many heated arguments about owning an area of grass weeds, which were used as livestock feeding.

Jugarap said that they were both settlers and not the owner of the land they argued.

The suspect escaped and remained at large.

However, they are still conducting an investigation which will lead to the possible arrest of the suspect.

On the other hand, the family of the victim has no plans to file a case against the suspect for the reason that no one will look after their livestock animals in their farm. It was also a hassle for them as they would need the budget to pursue the case.

The Nuñez family's statement was that they will just take revenge on the suspect if they find him and let God punish him for what he did to their family member. (GDC)

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