Man arrested for mauling brother to death

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LOCAL police in Minglanilla, southern Cebu arrested a 47- year-old man on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 after he allegedly mauled his older brother to death.

Relatives of Bobby Taburnal, 47, claimed that he mauled his older brother, Dario, 55, after he got irritated when the latter came home drunk and started making a commotion Wednesday dawn.

The incident reportedly occurred at the brothers’ home in Barangay Tubod, Minglanilla town.

MSgt. Rustom Elorde of the Minglanilla Police Station told reporters that Bobby was sleeping at the time when he was startled by the noise made by his older brother.

Irritated by his brother’s drunken behavior, Bobby punched Dario that later became a fistfight between the two men.

Elorde said that in the middle of their commotion, Bobby allegedly was able to pick up a large stick of bamboo and struck Dario with it several times while he was lying down.

Emilia Juguilon, Bobby and Dario’s sister, and some of their relatives who were awoken by their fight tried to pacify the two.

After the brothers were separated, Emilia said she transferred Dario to another house where he can sleep.

The brothers’ relatives said they last saw Dario around dawn, relieving himself outside the house where he was sleeping.

But around 4 a.m. Emilia said she was checking on Dario, when she noticed that her brother was no longer moving.

Emilia said she tried to wake her brother up but he wouldn’t respond.

Dario’s relatives immediately brought him to the Minglanilla District Hospital but he was dead before he could be admitted.

Relatives of the brothers told police that it was not the first time that the two traded blows.

They said both brothers have always been brawling with each other ever since they were children. Just before the incident, Bobby reportedly pelted his brother with stones, which caused another fight between them.

Elorde said relatives of the two brothers were still contemplating on whether to file parricide charges against Bobby.

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