Man who ends up with salt instead of ‘shabu’ nabbed for illegal gun possession

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POLICE on patrol arrested a man carrying an unlicensed firearm in Barangay Mambaling, Cebu City on Saturday night, Aug. 13, 2022.

The suspect was identified as Dave Salientes, a 40-year-old resident of Sitio Tagunol, Barangay Basak San Nicolas.

According to the initial investigation, police chanced upon Salientes with a group of people playing “hantak,” an illegal gambling game, around 7 p.m.

They then discovered that he was armed with a .22 revolver with four live ammunition.

Before his arrest, Salientes bought shabu worth P600 at the Badjaoan in the barangay. However, when he got home he realized that the seller had given him salt instead.

In his fury, he returned to the Badjaoan to confront the seller, but the latter could no longer be found.

To let off some steam, the suspect went to watch people playing “hantak,” and that was when he got arrested.