Man enrages wife with ‘horrible’ secret financial decision: ‘You should never do [this] in a marriage’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman who is seven months pregnant is furious at her husband’s secret $11,000 purchase.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her husband Jack loves his younger sister and wanted to surprise her with something nice for her 18th birthday. But the Reddit poster was shocked when the gift turned out to be an $11,000 car that Jack bought with their money.

“For her 18th birthday,” she wrote. “Jack has talked about making the day special for her. He decided that we both needed to get her separate gifts and I agreed thinking nothing of it. I got her a bracelet. I showed it to Jack But he didn’t let me see what he got her and told me to wait until her birthday. At her birthday party […] Jack told us to wait for a minute then went outside. Suddenly we heard a car honking. We went to see and there was a new car, color red, with Jack inside honking.”

The woman was furious and left to her mother’s house immediately, but now Jack’s family is upset.

“I argued with him about not telling me and that I too get a say since it’s our money,” she wrote. “We’re not rich so I had no idea why he thought $11,000 was nothing. He took it as in I don’t like that his sister is happy and said he won’t return it cause it’d hurt her feelings. Then left. We haven’t talked for three days and he got me stressed out acting like he’s in the right.”

Reddit users sided with the poster on the issue.

“[He] did a horrible thing you should never do in a marriage.” one user commented.

“Your husband shouldn’t spend that kind of money without asking,” another said.

“This was such a selfish, huge betrayal of trust,” someone commented.

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