Man found dead with face skinned

A MAN was found dead, his face skinned to the bone, in a remote area in Barangay Puente, Carmen town, Cebu Friday morning, January 10, 2020.

Carmen Police Station Chief Roger Quinano said in an interview with Superbalita Cebu that a farmer went to his office around 7 a.m. to report about the lifeless body.

Initial reports said a huge portion of the man's face was skinned all the way to his neck. His eyes were gouged and his esophagus was removed. His body was also bound with a rope. Investigators found no other lesions on his body.

Residents of the area said the man was mentally challenged and they often see him walking around their place wearing nothing but his underwear.

Police are now investigating whether the incident was related to a similar case in Danao City in 2019. (AYB/JGS)


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