Man proposes to girlfriend with 'Will you marry me?' chest tattoo

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
A man in Gloucester has found a daring and unique way to propose to his girlfriend - by tattooing 'will you marry me tattoo'. [Photo: SWNS]

A man has proposed to his girlfriend using the medium of tattoo art, after getting “Will you marry me” inked on his body.

The unnamed man had the immortal words tattooed on to his chest at an ink parlour in Gloucester, together with two check boxes for “Yes” and “No”.

When his girlfriend arrived an hour later, all she had to do was say “Yes” for him to fill in the box with a heart.

The parlour, Gods of Ink, wrote about the proposal on its Facebook page.

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"What an amazing way to propose,” a representative for the business wrote. "His girlfriend who was with him and had no idea what he was having done was shocked by his proposal and she happily ticked the Yes box.”

The representative added: "Congratulations to you both. The ring is on the opposite finger as they are from Bulgaria so wear the ring on the right hand."

The unnamed couple after the successful proposal. [Photo: SWNS]

Juris Jurison, the tattoo artist who performed the inking and has worked at Gods of Ink for two years, spoke about the “unique” request.

He said: "It was rather unique. It reminded me of being at school when you wrote notes at school, asking your girlfriend if she wanted to go out with you.

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"It was quite a random occurrence, he rung up about an hour before to ask if we could do it because either people wouldn't do it or didn't have space.

"When she came in the the main tattoo was already done and she said: "Oh my god I love you" and said yes of course. Then she drew in the heart and we tattooed that on.

"He was nervous at the beginning, but I think it is a really cool idea. 'Carpe diem', as they say."