Man sends Filipina fiancee £400 per month against family’s wishes

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90 Day Fiancé UK's British man Shaun and his Filipina fiance Christine pose for the camera
90 Day Fiancé UK follows British man Shaun and his Filipina fiance Christine who met on social media in 2012. (Picture: James Rudland/Discovery+)

A British man who took part in the new season of 90 Day Fiance UK, has admitted to sending £400 (P27,000) each month to support his Filipina fiancée and her four children in the Philippines, going against all wishes from his family.

The reality series, which follows eight people in the United Kingdom who are in long-distance relationships, featured 41-year-old Shaun, who is dating 42-year-old Christine, who he met online 10 years ago.

Christine is a resident of Antipolo, Philippines while Shaun resides in Hampshire in South East England. The two share a child together.

According to Shaun, he has been sending the Filipina £400 per month, in hopes for Christine to be able to relocate to the UK in the future.

“From all these eight years I’ve been with Christine, I wouldn’t know how much money I would have sent her. But all I know is it’s in the hundreds of thousands. It’s worth every penny,” he said.

“After I’ve sent Christine the money, there’s enough for me to pay my bills at least, and then when I look again, I’ve got about £50-£60 for myself, and that’s more than enough to see me through the month.”

Shaun, a cleaning manager by profession, said that he’s also saving up so that his fiancée and her current husband could divorce, as Christine currently cannot afford the costs of the procedure.

“I don’t have the money, but I am going to be saving up for it and then we can get married. Yes, they’re still married, but they don’t live with each other. I don’t feel jealous about it, because I know she loves me, and I love her,” Shaun said.

However, his friends and family expressed concern over the couple’s situation but Shaun said that he doesn’t really care.

“When I started sending her money, my parents and all my friends started saying, ‘Why are you sending her money?’ But, to be honest with you, I don’t really care, I’m following my heart. It’s my choice. So, you either be part of me in the circle, or you’re not.”

“Well, one, it’s got nothing to do with you, and two, mind your own business. What the heart wants, the heart gets. Alright? I chose this path for me,” Shaun said in a conversation with his parents.

Meanwhile, Christine said that they are just hoping for the best for their child and her other children.

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