Man admits to sexually assaulting lover over lovebites on her neck

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Yahoo file photo.

SINGAPORE — A cook working at an economic rice stall started a relationship with a beer promoter at the same coffeeshop and they soon stayed together. 

However, the relationship soured after the woman, 25, began returning home late with “love bites” on her neck.

The jealous 52-year-old man then attacked the woman one night, forcibly sucking her neck, undressing her and then taking photos of her topless.

The man pleaded guilty on Thursday (29 July) to two counts each of aggravated molest and voyeurism, with four similar counts to be taken into consideration when he is sentenced at a later date.

The two Malaysians cannot be named due to a court gag order.

In late January last year, they became friends after meeting at the coffeeshop. They began dating two months later. The woman moved in with the man in 28 April last year as she was unable to return to Malaysia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the woman began returning home late at night with love bites on her neck, the couple began quarrelling over the issue. 

On 21 August last year, the victim returned home at around 1.05am. Realising that the main door of the flat was locked from the inside, she asked the man to open the door. The man began questioning her as to why she was late in returning.

The woman ignored him and wanted to take a shower, taking her mobile phone with her but the man snatched it away.

Fearing for her safety, the woman tried to make a call to a friend using her smartwatch while she was inside the bathroom. She realised that her calls were not going out, and thought the man must have been cutting her calls on her mobile phone.

After showering, the woman went to their bedroom and lay on the bed to use her mobile phone. However, the man got angry again and grabbed the phone from her hands.

He pinned the victim on the bed by pushing her right shoulder down. The man then forcefully kissed and sucked the victim’s neck.

The victim pleaded with the man to stop, saying she was in pain. The man replied, “You let others do it. It hurts when I do it but it doesn’t when others do it.”

After a while, the man released the woman and she told him to leave. The man gathered his things and left but returned shortly after and argued with the woman again.

During this altercation, the man sat on top of her and removed her clothes. He sexually assaulted her as she cried. The man then took several photos of the woman, who struggled to free herself.

The man left after a while. He later apologised to the girl via a phone message and attached a photograph of her bare breasts, which distressed her.

After the woman lodged a police report, the man was arrested on 23 August last year. He was released on bail after being charged in court two days later. His bail was later revoked as he had breached one of his conditions by contacting the victim.

The man was remanded at the Institute of Mental Health and was found to have Major Depressive Disorder. He was found to be aware that his actions were wrong and had no problems with impulse control.

The man will be sentenced on 12 August.

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