Man shot dead in Carcar

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A MOTORCYCLE-FOR-HIRE driver was shot dead in Sitio Mabugnao, Barangay Guadalupe in the City of Carcar past 12 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022.

The fatality, identified as Leo Barcenas Sabayton, was believed to have been killed by the person transacting with him over illegal drugs.

Police identified Sabayton, 36, as a drug personality from Sitio Graje, Guadalupe.

Officer Elmer Abesia, investigator at the Carcar City Police Station, said a male Mabugnao resident had heard a series of gunshots.

The resident and some of his neighbors then checked where the noise came from. They saw a bloodied Sabayton lying on the road.

Sabayton died after he succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds in the body.

Personnel from the Carcar City Police Station and the Scene of the Crime Operation recovered a packet of shabu, the victim’s wallet, two 50-peso bills, several IDs and drug paraphernalia.

Carcar Police Chief Ardeolito Cabagnot said the possible motive behind the killing is the victim’s involvement in illegal drug trade as the latter had been arrested before over a drug-related offense.