Man stabbed dead after he threatened to kill suspect who asked him to lower music volume

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AN EX-CONVICT would still have been alive had he heeded the request to lower the volume of the song he was dancing to.

But he didn’t. Instead, he threatened to kill the requester, who, fearing for his life, decided to make the first move.

That’s how 37-year-old Mark Sagarino Impas ended up dead. He was stabbed several times by Michael Carreon, a 36-year-old former driver.

The incident happened in Purok Red Rose, Barangay Yati in the northern town of Liloan, Cebu, at 6:50 p.m. Saturday, September 17, 2022.

Impas, a resident of Barangay San Vicente in the town, was in Purok Red Rose to visit his three children.

Although he and his wife separated when he went to jail for seven years for illegal drugs, they had a good relationship and he could see their children anytime.

Impas was having a drink with several friends when his ex-wife and Carreon arrived.

Major Ramil Morpos, chief of the Liloan Police Station, said Carreon asked the victim to lower the volume of the sound system because it was very loud. So did Impas’ ex-wife.

"Pwerting sayaw sa bitkima sa Budots. Lingaw na kaayo nahubog naman! Unya gibadlong siya nga pahinayan kay dili magdungog nasuko nag-wild (The victim was dancing to Budots. He was clearly drunk and enjoying himself. When he was reprimanded for having the volume too high so nobody could hear, he went wild)," Morpos said.

The ex-wife brought Impas outside because he started breaking things. His three children also pleaded with him to calm down, but he wouldn’t listen.

When Carreon went outside, he was confronted by Impas, who threatened to kill him. A rattled Carreon grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly.

Carreon surrendered to police around 10 p.m. Saturday. (GPL/PJB)