Man survives morning shooting; police arrest suspect, his cousin

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A FORMER mayoral candidate of the southern town of Boljoon was hurt after he was shot by his own cousin in Barangay Granada on Saturday morning, Feb. 6, 2021.

Jose Emmanuel “Manny” Serna Derama, 62, is confined in a private hospital in Cebu City after sustaining a gunshot wound in his right leg.

The shooter, Adrian Anthony Derama Perello, 54, was arrested hours later during a hot pursuit operation conducted by local police.

SSgt. Erwin Oyao, an investigator for the Boljoon Police Station, told Superbalita Cebu that Derama and Perello had an argument around 9 a.m.

Oyao said Derama scolded Perello, a tricycle driver, in front of other tricycle drivers.

Derama was reportedly angry at Perello as the latter and his friends were watching cockfighting matches online.

Perello, who was reportedly drunk at that time, challenged him to a duel.

Oyao said Derama agreed and even proposed to hold it at the public cemetery in Barangay Granada.

Their argument was cut short when one of Derama’s children told him to go home.

An hour later, Derama was headed to Santander town on his motorcycle. When he approached the public cemetery in Barangay Granada, he spotted Perello parking his motorcycle.

Derama stopped his motorcycle 15 meters from Perello.

After alighting from his motorcycle, Derama opened his utility box when he saw Perello take out a pistol and fire at him several times.

“Paglingi niya butobuto naman mao to nga mi-tumbling nalang siyag taman pero na-igo gihapon iyang batiis (When he turned around Perello was already firing so he tried to avoid getting hit but he was still shot in the calf),” Oyao said, quoting Derama.

Perello fled the scene.

Derama was first brought to a public hospital in Dalaguete before he was transferred to Cebu City.

Oyao said police found Perello at his friend’s house in Barangay Poblacion around noon.

Perello admitted shooting Derama and getting rid of the gun soon after.

But Perello claimed that it was Derama who shot him first.

Oyao said that when they checked Derama’s utility box, they didn’t find a pistol.

“Ana gud ang suspetsado nga pagsinukliay nilag bala tumbling sab siya murag pilikula (The suspect said that during their exchange of gunfire, they were rolling on the ground like in the movies),” Oyao said.

Police recovered 12 empty shells from a .9mm pistol at the crime scene and the motorcycles of Derama and Perello.

Frustrated murder charges are being prepared against Perello. (GPL / JKV)