Mandarin Chinese taught at Childlink

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BASED on the World Economic Forum’s Power Language Index, Chinese is second to English among the 10 most useful languages in terms of competitiveness.

The Childlink Learning Center and Childlink High School Inc. are among the Cebu-based schools that offer Mandarin Chinese subject.

Maria Theresa Tio, Childlink founder and school directress, explained that the school teaches Mandarin Chinese to prepare the students to become part of the global community.

Childlink also tackles the Chinese culture and tradition using art as a medium so students could understand the language better.

Tio said Mandarin Chinese is a required subject at Childlink since it is classified as a Chinese school. The language is taught starting at the preschool level up to senior high school. She added that the

school’s teachers for the subject include native speakers who are based in Cebu or those who come from Taiwan.

Aside from conducting group classes, Childlink teachers also have one-on-one sessions with students for Chinese and other subjects.