Mandaue barangays tasked to form vaccine committees

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TO STRENGTHEN the data gathering for the Covid-19 vaccine registration, all the 27 barangays in Mandaue City are tasked to formulate a special vaccine committee.

Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes is meeting the barangay officials by batch to discuss the vaccination plan of the city.

Cortes met with the barangay officials of Mantuyong and Pagsabungan on Feb. 16, 2021.

Cortes said the special vaccine committee will be included in the data gathering in the barangays.

With the coordination of the special vaccine committee of the barangays and the city’s vaccine board, Cortes said, the city can acquire proper data on the number of households, number of senior citizens, number of frontliners and other information.

He said with the information, they will determine the specific number of vaccine recipients and prevent double listing.

Cortes said the priority frontliners will be listed under their workplace and not under the barangay.

Mantuyong barangay councilor Jose Roy Sanchez said that during their meeting, Cortes told them that all officials under the City Government must be united to effectively fight Covid-19.

He said they will formulate a vaccine committee at the barangay level that will closely coordinate with the city’s vaccine board.

He said it will be composed of their Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management personnel.

Sanchez said they are yet to determine the number of recipients in their barangay as well as the vaccination sites since they are still waiting for instructions from the vaccine board.

On the other hand, Pagsabungan barangay councilor Carlos Jesus Cotejo said they will form their barangay vaccine board during their session on Feb. 16.

He said the barangay vaccine registration has yet to start but they have identified about 200 health and non-health frontliners who will be recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine.

For other sectors, such as senior citizens, persons with disabilities and others, Cotejo said they are yet to validate each member of the sectors before coming up with a final list.

Although the city has yet to confirm this, Cotejo said they will probably use their barangay gym as vaccination site. (KFD)