Mandaue Chamber urges businesses to support economic recovery

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The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has encouraged businesses to look forward and find ways to jumpstart economic recovery as it launched the annual Mandaue Business Month (MBM), which will happen this August.

“Someone said, we find ourselves at a historic crossroads managing short-term pressures against medium and long-term uncertainties,” MCCI president Kelie Ko said during the MBM launch on Tuesday, July 19.

“Today we are given a window of opportunity to shape the recovery of our society making it better, inclusive, resilient and sustainable. It is time to usher the great reset,” Ko added.

The chamber, he said, hopes that their small efforts and advocacies, the planned activities will create awareness on how to make things better. “These efforts may just be a drop in the bucket but we need to start somewhere,” Ko said.

MBM 2022 chair Mark Ynoc called on the business sector to join the MBM 2022 activities and become part of this annual event, which carries the theme “Ushering the Great Reset: Riding the Tailwinds of Change” for this year. The series of events will showcase Mandaue’s business potential, world-class businesses, and industries that continue to contribute to the city’s economic development.

“We invite you to join our various events and let’s all together push that reset button in here Mandaue and ride the tailwinds of change and opportunities,” Ynoc said.

The various activities include the Mandaue Expo 2022, which will be held on Aug. 5, 6 and 7 at the Mandaue Sports Complex; Trees Brew for Life on Aug. 6 at the Umapad Green Park; Executive Forum–Situational Approach to Leadership Makes the Difference on Aug. 12 at the City Sports Club; Duwa: Cebu Children’s Festival on Aug. 13 and 14, and Aug. 20 and 21 at the Oakridge Business Park; MCCI Business Summit will happen on Aug. 18 at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel; Mandani Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2022 on Aug. 20 at the Mandani Bay; and Mandaue Investment Forum at Mahogany, Executive Lounge, Oakridge.

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