Mandaue City EOC to reassess Covid response

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THE Mandaue City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) reassessed its implemented policies and Covid-19 response strategies after the recent surge of infections.

In an interview, Lawyer August Lizer Malate, the head of Mandaue EOC, said with the decreasing number of Covid-19 cases in the city, they decided to conduct a workshop with all the teams under the city's EOC to reassess and re-evaluate their existing procedures.

Malate said the workshop will be conducted this week.

The EOC is composed of different teams with different functions; the contact tracing team, the testing and diagnostic team, the patient management team, the logistics and management of the dead team; and the data management team.

Through this workshop, Malate said they are able to identify the challenges of the team during the recent surge of cases and the emergence of the Delta variant.

Malate said the key points that they possibly consider to improvise are the sufficiency of the manpower; the logistics capability,;the sufficiency of the transportation; isolation centers; and the budgetting.

With these inputs, Malate said they aim to improve their policies in resgponding to the pandemic as there could be a possibility that another variant will emerge which could be more potent than the Delta variant.

From the surge last month and now with the decreasing number of Covid-19 cases in the city, Malate said this means that they did something right and those best practices that helped improve the city's situation will be institutionalized.

Next week, Malate said they will formalize the output and they will create a policy manual.

He said they will also be looking into the processes that are being implemented in the other neighboring cities and towns.

Also, Malate said all the teams under EOC will have another meeting next week to relay the output of the workshop and link it to the functions of the teams. (KFD)

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