Mandaue City to PUV operators: Hire drivers with Team clearance

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THE Mandaue City Government urged operators of public utility vehicles (PUVs) to hire drivers who have Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) clearance on Monday, September 19, 2022.

City Councilor Jimmy Lumapas said an average of 600 traffic violations are recorded in the city every day, majority of which are committed by PUV drivers.

Lumapas said the ordinance requiring drivers of public utility jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, transport network vehicle services and other transportation systems operating in the city to secure a Team clearance has been in effect since 2020.

The clearance costs P100 per year plus P50 for the documentary seal.

He said drivers can also secure the clearance if they have no traffic violations or if they have settled their fines.

"That’s why we encourage operators to hire drivers with Team clearance. At least they get a proper driver,” he said in Cebuano.

Around 600 PUV drivers have so far been issued with the clearance this year.

Lumapas said they need disciplined drivers who will refrain from committing usual traffic violations like illegal U-turn, disregarding traffic signs, obstructing the road or parking on undesignated spots, among others.

“Our goal is protect pedestrians and operators so they won’t end up with abusive drivers,” he said in Cebuano.

He pointed out that one PUV driver accumulated 20 violations in just four months in 2017, while there are others who have not settled their violations since 2012.

According to the Team legal department, there are around 30 drivers who are facing charges before the court for their traffic violations.

Edwin Anthony Jumao-as, Team executive director, said PUV and private drivers with pending violations should not wait for cases to be filed against them before the court as this will end up costing them more.

Meanwhile, Lumapas said erring drivers who make staggered payments will be issued a provisional clearance until they can pay the full amount for their violations.

He said he plans to ask Mayor Jonas Cortes to amend the ordinance so that drivers with no traffic violations in a year can get the clearance for free as an incentive.

Lumapas and Jumao-as reiterated that disciplined drivers would ease the traffic situation not only in the city but also in neighboring local government units.

Jumao-as said their office can cater to up to 130 drivers who want to secure a Team clearance per day.

He denied it takes around five hours to get a clearance. (MKG, PJB)