Mandaue City seniors prepped for vaccination

Kate F. Denolang
·2 min read

THE Mandaue City Government has registered 36 percent of the city’s total population of senior citizens for its Covid-19 vaccination program as of Monday, April 5, 2021.

Mandaue City Vaccine Board chairman Ernie Manatad said out of 24,097 senior citizens validated by the Office of the Senior Citizens Association (Osca), 8,700 were registered on the city’s masterlist for the Covid-19 vaccination program.

However, separate data from the Department of Health (DOH) 7 showed that Mandaue City’s registered senior citizens numbered 36,000.

Manatad said the figures may vary since they based the total population of senior citizens on the Osca’s validated 2020 masterlist.

He said the DOH might have included those who just turned 60 years old and those who were not yet validated by the OSCA.


Manatad said a house-to-house registration of senior citizens is ongoing.

If the senior citizens have family members aged 18 to 59 years old living with them, Manatad’s staff will also include them in the registration.

“This is so our enumerators would not have to go out and go around again to collect information on the 18 to 59 year olds once these data are needed,” said Manatad in Cebuano.

The enumerators have faced challenges on the ground, such as getting rejected and scolded by the senior citizens, said Manatad.

“The profiling is only for master listing purposes so that they will be allocated with vaccines. By the time the vaccines arrive and they decide not to accept it or receive it then it’s up to them. They will just have to sign a waiver,” explained Manatad.

He said the Board will not force Mandaue City residents to have themselves vaccinated.

“We only want them to understand that they should not deprive themselves of the allocation for the free vaccine,” said Manatad.

Aside from the house-to-house registration of senior citizens, senior citizens may also register online through a Google form posted on the Mandaue City Public Information Office Facebook page.


Mandaue’s medical health workers and uniformed personnel who work as frontliners during the pandemic have been vaccinated.

Manatad said this only goes to show that getting vaccinated should not be feared.

“The government will not distribute the Covid-19 vaccine if it is not safe for people because the vaccine will serve as the protection to avoid severe cases of Covid-19 or even death,” Manatad said.

A remaining 1,464 healthcare workers have yet to be vaccinated in Mandaue City, Manatad said.

Once the inoculation of senior citizens begins, vaccination teams will inform the senior citizens of their schedule and the vaccination site assigned to them.