Mandaue DRRMO trains 15 recruits

FIFTEEN recruits of the Mandaue City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MCDRRMO) started their training on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, and they will be taught different skills in the month-long course.

MCDRRMO trainer Jose Juvy Sungahid said the recruits will be taught on how to respond to emergency situations.

“We will place them in the operation section,” he said, adding that the recruits are all college undergraduates.

The recruits, he added, will be trained to attain skills for basic life support and understand the responsibilities of an emergency worker.

The training also involves firefighting and rescue missions in water and high-rise building.

“Probably, the most difficult training is the water rescue because you need to be a good swimmer,” Sungahid said.

The recruits start their day with a physical fitness exercise in the morning, then they listen to lectures before putting to practice what they learned in the afternoon.

After they will complete their training on Feb. 29, the recruits will be fielded as first responders to medical emergencies such as road incidents.

The MCDRRMO employs 100 personnel, who were trained to respond to emergency situations.

As it was his childhood dream to rescue a person in distress, recruit AJ Antigua, 38, left his job at the Traffic Enforcement Agency Management (Team) and shifted to MCDRRMO.

Antigua had been with Team, which manages traffic in Mandaue City, for 10 years before he made the jump to MCDRRMO. He vowed to finish the training to become a full-fledged rescuer.

“It’s in our bloodline. My father was with Eruf (Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation) before he died,” he said. (KFD)