Mandaue employee positive for coronavirus

ONE employee of the Mandaue City Administrator's Office tested positive for the new coronavirus on June 21, 2020.

In the Facebook post of Atty. Jamaal Calipayan, the city administrator, said the employee has been on strict home quarantine since the swab test was conducted on June 16, 2020.

The employee was already transferred to the Mandaue City Central Isolation Unit and remains asymptomatic.

All the employees of the City Administrator's Office including Calipayan are considered as "first-generation" contact and have undergone a strict home isolation for 14 days in compliance to existing protocols.

Once Covid-19 symptoms will show to those employees that undergone home isolation, they will be subject for RT-PCR swab test and medical interventions will be followed.

The second-generation contacts or the employees with contact to the first generation are advised to take precautionary measures and follow minimum health standards.

Moreover, the City Administrator's Office will designate an officer-in-charge and a skeletal receiving section.

The usual processes of the office shall be suspended momentarily until further advise. (KFD)