Mandaue eyes 'cable bundling'

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THE Mandaue City Government is mulling on conducting "cable bundling" to organize the city's overhead utility lines that are obstructing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed to minimize cable stealing, lessen the damage during the onslaught of typhoons, and beautify the city lanes.

The initiative came after Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes, with the heads of the Mandaue City Police Office, the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue, city engineers, and representatives of at least three telecommunication companies (telcos), had a meeting at the Mayor's office Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Cortes said the operation would prioritize the city's intersection lanes.

Cortes said the City Council is already preparing a city ordinance to make the clearing and maintenance operations done at night so that it would not hamper the traffic situation on roads.

But he said telcos would be given exemptions in conducting their maintenance operations on a case-to-case basis, such as in emergency instances.

"They would also need a permit from our police authorities. So, our police personnel will have a heads up if there are any maintenance works going on, especially at night," Cortes said in Cebuano.

Cortes said he would call for another meeting with the agency heads and telco representatives sometime this week to finalize the plan and start the cable clearing and bundling operations.

Three major reasons

In an interview after the meeting, Cortes told reporters he cited three reasons why the city needs to organize the dangling or spaghetti cable wires along the streets as soon as possible.

One of the reasons Cortes said is that most of the cables are now obstructing the City's CCTV cameras that have been installed within different areas in Mandaue, causing difficulties among authorities in terms of their disaster and security monitoring.

Cortes also pointed out the cases of cable stealing that he said have been affecting thousands of citizens relying on the internet and communication signals, as well as businesses, among others.

In a separate interview, Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) Chief Police Colonel Jeffrey Caballes said the cases of cable stealing in Mandaue had been a problem back then.

But Caballes said they had not recorded any cases of cable stealing within the city based on their recent monitoring.

He assured, though, that they would do constant monitoring to prevent such cases from recurring.

Other reasons the mayor stated are to beautify the city lanes and lessen road accidents and damage during the onslaught of typhoons.

Underground cabling project

Cortes also said they had discussed the implementation of the city's underground cabling project.

In 2020, City Councilor Joel Seno authored an ordinance placing all the electrical and telecommunication wires and cables underground within the business districts in Mandaue.

Cortes said they need to discuss it further, considering it would need a bigger amount of budget to be implemented. (HIC)