Mandaue mayor to public: Help solve flooding, don’t throw waste anywhere

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THE Mandaue City Government urged Mandauehanos to help solve the city's flood problem by being responsible and not throwing their waste anywhere following the heavy downpour that hit Metro Cebu Thursday night, August 4, 2022.

Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes told reporters on Friday, August 5, that the prevailing flood problem in Mandaue and other areas of Cebu is due to climate change following people's irresponsibility in utilizing their waste.

"I am not blaming anyone, but this problem happens because we throw our trash anywhere that clogs our rivers. Please help the government. We have limited sources, so we also have limited movements," said Cortes.

The mayor also said that the government continues to clear up Mandaue's danger zones or flood-prone areas by relocating those people living in these areas.

Data from the Office of the City Engineer stated that these flood-prone areas are Barangays Centro, Looc, Opao, Umapad, Cambaro, Subangdaku, and Paknaan.

Cortes said they aim not only to provide these individuals with decent houses but also to ensure their safety should there be extreme calamities to hit the city.

Following the heavy rains last Thursday, several areas in Mandaue were flooded.

These include impassable streets, particularly in A.S. Fortuna, Tipolo Area, A.C. Cortes Avenue, Hiway Seno, the area near Maguikay fly-over, M. Logarta, and A del Rosario Street.

Its rivers Butuanon, Cambogang, and Lub-ang, the area near 6.5 in Paknaan, almost reached the riprap.

In a social media post of the Mandaue City Risk Reduction and Management Office, the office said that 11 families from Barangay Ibabao and around 80 from Sitio Tambis and Laray in Barangay Umapad were evacuated. (HIC)

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