Mandaue police set up 3 discipline zones

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THE Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) has established three discipline zones in the city.

These are located within the vicinities of the Brgy. Maguikay flyover, the Gaisano Grand Mall in Brgy. Casuntingan and the satellite market of Brgy. Canduman.

The establishment of the discipline zones is through the joint efforts of the MCPO and 27 barangays of Mandaue City.

PMaj. Zosimo Jabas Jr., operations and management unit chief of the MCPO, said they have directed the six police station commanders under the MCPO to tap the barangays under their jurisdiction for the establishment of a discipline zone in every barangay.

With this partnership, the MCPO recommends for the barangay officials to formulate a resolution to declare a certain area in their barangay as a discipline zone.

This way, the enforcement of this discipline zone is well documented and also shows the participation and the commitment of the barangay officials.

Jabas said they would suggest to declare a discipline zone in areas that are crowded and where most violators are seen such as bus stops, satellite markets and others.

Among the three barangays that have established a discipline zone, only Brgy. Canduman has released a resolution.

Jabas said a discipline zone is an area where police officers and barangay officials will strictly implement all the existing national laws, ordinances and executive orders.

Through this scheme, Jabas said the people will no longer violate laws in certain areas until they will be disciplined and abide by all the laws and ordinances implemented in all of the city.

He said they started this strict enforcement on a small scale and are gradually implementing it on a bigger scale.

Jabas said the station commanders are still coordinating with other barangay officials to establish discipline zones in their areas. (KFD)