Mandaue public school students ‘successful’ amid pandemic

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DESPITE the pandemic, the Department of Education (DepEd) Mandaue Division said the academic year (AY) 2020-2021 has been successful after 95 percent of the students have completed their modules.

There are approximately 66,000 students enrolled in all the public schools in AY 2020-2021.

DepEd Mandaue Division superintendent Dr. Nimfa Bongo said 95 percent of the students in the public schools have completed their modules based on the first three quarters of AY 2020-2021.

This means that 95 percent of the students enrolled in all public schools in Mandaue City have submitted their modules on time.

However, that was just for the first three quarters of the school year since they have yet to conduct an assessment for their fourth quarter or the last quarter of the school year.

The school year started on October 5, 2020 and ended on the first week of July 2021.

Bongo shared that the remaining five percent of the students were provided with interventions from the teachers so that they could submit their modules.

She said some of the teachers visited the houses of the students with the guidance of the barangay officials.

During the visit, some teachers found out that the students failed to submit the modules because they did not have internet at home.

With that, the teachers lent the students their personal mobile data hotspot so that they could submit their modules through Facebook Messenger.

Bongo said the teachers found a way for the students to submit their modules to continue their education despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, DepEd has adapted to the new normal educational system such as modular distance learning (modules), online distance learning (online classes) and digital modular distance learning (digitized module).

For the next school year, Bongo said they will still apply the new normal educational system or distance learning.

Since it will be the second school year amid the pandemic, Bongo said the next school year will be much easier for their preparation considering that they no longer have to reproduce modules for some grade levels.

In December 2020, the City Government procured tablets for the students in support of the adjustment to the new normal educational system.

Bongo said they have received more than 20,000 tablets from the city government that were used by Grade 8 to Grade 12, Grade 6 and some of the Grade 5 students.

She said they only need to reproduce modules for Kindergarten to Grade 5 and Grade 7. (KFD)

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