Mandaue ready to respond typhoon incidents

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MEMBERS of the Mandaue City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) is on standby and ready to respond to any untoward incident in the city brought by Tropical Storm "Dante".

The bulletin update from the weather bureau as of 3 p.m., June 1, 2021, placed Mandaue City is among the northern towns placed under Storm Signal No. 1.

CDRRMO Head Buddy Ybañez said the CDRRMO personnel are on the alert to any untoward incidents that will happen in the city due to the typhoon.

The CDRRMO and the City's Command Center constantly monitor the bodies of water in the city particularly the Butuanon River.

As of press time, Ybañez said the current of the Butuanon river is fast-flowing and there is no sign of rising water level.

He said that when the river is fast-flowing there is less likely to have a rise in water level.

However, he said they should not be complacent because there are times when Mandaue city only experiences little rain the river overflows and caused flooding in the city due to the heavy rainshower from the mountain barangays of Cebu City.

Ybañez encouraged the public not to throw their garbage in the river so it will not block the flow of the water which will cause flooding.

In case the water level of the Butuanon River will keep on rising, Ybañez said they will sound their early warning system (EWS) to inform the residents near the river that the water level is rising.

Ybañez said if the water level is abnormal and could endanger the lives of the residents, the Command Center will sound the siren of the EWS to inform the residents to perform preemptive evacuation to their respective evacuation centers.

He said they cannot afford to wait until the residents need to be forcibly evacuated since they only have limited personnel and there may be a lot of sitios to be forcibly evacuated. This could endanger the lives of both the residents and the responders.

Aside from this, the Command Center monitors the roads of the city since they cannot discount the possibility that the roads could be slippery due to the rain and there may be traffic incidents, said Ybañez.

He said, as of press time, they have not received any reports of untoward incidents in the city./KFD