Mandaue to release medtechs pay this week

AFTER over a month of waiting, the medical technologists hired exclusively for the 10-day Strategic Community Test will receive their honorarium this week.

The Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Inc. (PAMET) Cebu Chapter released a statement requesting the local governments of Mandaue and Cebu Cities to fast track the release of the medical technologists' honorarium.

Moreover, several medical technologists who rendered their services during the rapid testing made several follow-ups, however, they have not received their honorarium.

Atty. Giovanni Tianero, the Budget Officer of Mandaue City said in an interview that they have already processed necessary documents for the honorarium to be released.

Hence, upon his inquiry to the Mandaue City Health Office, the necessary documents have already been finalized last week.

The medical technologists hired in Mandaue City were already informed last week that by this week the honorarium will be released.

Tianero explained that the delay of the release of the honorarium is the same as with the government employee's first pay it will take longer to be released.

Tianero wanted to ensure that the accounting requirements needed by the Commission on Audit are met.

The Mandaue City had hired approximately 20 medical technologists during the 10-day Strategic Community Tests in all 27 barangays.

These medical technologists were promised to get an honorarium of P1,000 per day and the rapid testing had run to 13 days, in which 10 days as scheduled, and three days extension.

So, each med techs are expected to receive P13,000. (KFD)