Mandaue residents hold cockfight during GCQ

EVEN though there are six confirmed Covid-19 cases in their barangay, it didn’t stop the residents of Sitio San Jose 1, Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City from holding an illegal cockfight.

An informant told SunStar Cebu that these residents had their illegal cockfighting, locally known as tigbakay, on Sunday, June 28, 2020, and some of them did not wear a face mask.

In an interview with Amado Manatad, chieftain of Brgy. Labogon, he confirmed that there is tigbakay every Sunday in the several sitios in their barangay including Sitio San Jose 1.

Due to these incidents, Manatad had ordered the barangay tanods to conduct a roving in all the sitios in their barangay to prevent tigbakay and enforce the general community quarantine (GCQ) guidelines.

Aside from the GCQ guidelines, Manatad emphasized that tigbakay is prohibited according to the national law.

Manatad said their barangay tanods have been chasing those residents who still organize tigbakay despite the Covid-19 crisis.

However, they have not nabbed a single resident. Manatad believes that these residents have a lookout and once their tanod will conduct a roving at their place, they immediately pack up and run to their homes.

Manatad also strictly enforced the information dissemination on Covid-19 in their barangay.

With this, according to Manatad, his constituents will be constantly reminded that Covid-19 should be taken seriously, as it is a contagious disease.

He said that social gatherings must be avoided as the virus cannot be seen by the naked eye and they might get infected during the gathering or the cockfight.

Manatad said they have coordinated with the Basak Police Station regarding the incident.

On the other hand, PMaj. James Conaco, the station chief of Basak Police Station told Sunstar Cebu that they have responded to the area on June 28, but the residents involved were no longer in the area.

In a separate interview, John Eddu Ibanez, the executive secretary of Mayor Jonas Cortes, told SunStar Cebu that the city will have the incident investigated.

Thus, he had coordinated with PCol. Jonathan Abella, the city director of the Mandaue City Police Office to investigate. (KFD)