Mandaue sees slight rise in new Covid-19 cases

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THE Mandaue City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has seen a slight increase in Covid-19 cases in the city this month.

EOC head August Lizer Malate said the possible reasons behind the slight increase could be the easing of restrictions in the city and the confidence of the people to go out because of the ongoing vaccination rollout.

Malate said they noticed that the more people getting vaccinated in Mandaue City, the trend of the Covid-19 cases also increased gradually.

According to EOC’s data, Mandaue City had an average of eight Covid-19 cases per day from May 15 to May 31. But the numbers later increased to an additional 10 cases daily from June 1 to June 15.

Malate said they reported 15 additional cases per day in the second half of June.

Also, the City’s Vaccination Operations Center (VOC) administered 30,282 vaccine doses to city residents as of June 10—25,574 received the first dose and 4,708 have received the second dose.

Seven days later, on June 17, the VOC administered 35,429 vaccine doses to residents—30,651 received the first dose and 4,778 received the second dose.

Malate believed that people are more confident to go out and they feel safer because of the ongoing vaccination rollout of the City.

However, Malate reminds all the residents in Mandaue City that implementing the vaccination does not mean that Covid-19 has vanished.

Malate said self-discipline is still important in following the minimum health protocol imposed by the government, such as social distancing and wearing of masks.

Despite the slight increase, Malate assured the public that the cases are still manageable.

Mandaue City is still around four percent of the positivity rate, below the five percent threshold set by the Department of Health.

Meanwhile, Malate said the Mandaue City Police Office and the barangay tanods are still strict in implementing the minimum health protocols.

He said that law enforcement personnel are still roaming around the city to admonish the quarantine violators.

Also, as the head of the Business Permit and Licensing Office, Malate said they still monitor business establishments in the city on their compliance with the minimum health protocols. (KFD)

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