Mandaue sets bike rules

THE City Government of Mandaue has set rules for bicycle users in the city’s bicycle lanes.

The Mandaue City Public Information Office in a Facebook post said “As the cycling culture is relatively new in our community, here are some guidelines we need to remember.”

The local government has set up bike lanes in most of the city’s streets.

The following are the bicycle guidelines:

1. A permanent and regular seat should be attached to every bicycle.

2. All bicyclists must use helmets while riding bikes.

3. While traveling at night, at least use rear reflectors and reflective material on the front and rear of each pedal or simply use front lamps.

4. Do not carry more than what is allowed for your bike. (NO OVERLOADING)

5. Bicyclists must obey all traffic laws, including yielding to pedestrians.

6. Cyclists should never counterflow, enter one-way streets, and go against oncoming traffic.

7. Bikers must always keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. (NO EXHIBITION)

8. Observe the proper distance between cyclists.

9. Cyclists must signal by hand if you have any intentions to stop or turn and give audible warnings whenever necessary to ensure safety.

10. Bicyclists should always stick to one lane and should not maneuver between vehicles.

11. Operators must report to local law enforcement, any accident involving either personal injury or property damage.