Mandaue starts road clearing ops

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THE Mandaue City Enforcement Unit (MCEU) has cleared 46 sidewalk vendors’ stalls that encroached on streets and 74 illegally parked vehicles during the first two days of resumption of its road clearing operations.

The City restarted its clearing operations along city roads, national roads and barangay roads on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020.

MCEU head Edwin Jumao-as said they have scheduled a five-hour road clearing operation per barangay with the assistance of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) and the Mandaue City Police Office.

The MCEU personnel started in Barangay Maguikay, where they found 30 illegally parked motorcycles and 30 sidewalk vendors’ stalls that blocked the road.

All the owners of the motorcycles who noticed the MCEU team immediately parked their motorcycles in designated parking areas.

Jumao-as said they moved the sidewalk vendors’ stalls. The vendors, he said, offered no resistance and they voluntarily vacated the sidewalk.

Second day

On the second day of the MCEU operation, Jumao-as said they visited Barangay Bakilid, where they found 13 illegally parked vehicles.

The MCEU also found six stores encroached on barangay roads.

Jumao-as said two of the stores encroached on the road. The fences of two other stores were removed from the sidewalk, while the last two stores were given three days to remove the concrete walls that took a space on the road.

On the same day, the MCEU also conducted a clearing operation in Barangay Tabok.

The MCEU personnel found 31 illegal parking violations in the barangay.

The MCEU personnel also removed the roofs of 10 sari-sari stores that were so overextended that they blocked the sidewalk, making it hard for pedestrians to walk straight.

During the first two days of clearing operations, Jumao-as said not all obstructions in the three barangays were cleared.

However, he said the MCEU will still conduct a second round of clearing operations in December and January to get rid of all road obstructions. / KFD