Mandaue teleconsultation serves over 2,000 individuals

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AROUND 2,800 individuals have availed themselves of the Mandaue City Teleconsultation (MDaue Teleconsult), which has been operating for 10 months already.

In October 2020, the Mandaue City Health Office (CHO) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) launched the MDaue Teleconsult.

Dr. Ligaya Dargantes, the EOC patient management team head, said the teleconsultation was realized because Covid-19 patients in Mandaue City at the time were mostly isolated at home and no medical personnel were monitoring them personally.

With the program, Dargantes said they were able to monitor the condition of the Covid-19 patients virtually.

Since the residents in Mandaue City have welcomed this initiative, Dargantes said they extended the program to individuals who are not Covid-19 patients.

Dargantes said this program enables the patients to get help without going straight to the hospitals, clinics and barangay health centers for a consultation.

She further said that through the MDaue Teleconsult, they would be able to locate individuals manifesting influenza-like symptoms.

Dargantes said they will immediately recommend individuals exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms to get a swab test. They will be endorsed to the contact tracing team for the swab schedule.

Then, the contact tracing team will also begin the contact tracing in case the patients turn out positive for the virus.

Dargantes said there were also times when the patients refused to get a swab test.

So the patients were advised to undergo the 14-day quarantine period.

She said they are strict in implementing this considering the presence of the Delta variant.

Those who wish to avail of the Teleconsultation may visit the official Facebook page of MDaue Teleconsult and book an appointment.

They have medical consultants from 8 a.m. until midnight to attend to the medical needs of the Mandaue City residents, for free. (KFD)

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