Manila in bottom 10 of Safe Cities Index 2021

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FILE PHOTO: Screengrab from The Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index 2021 (Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit)
FILE PHOTO: Screengrab from The Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index 2021 (Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit)

Amid the pandemic, Manila landed on the bottom rung in a list of 60 cities ranked in terms of health and environmental security, among other factors.

Manila ranked 51st out of 60 cities in The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Safe Cities Index 2021 issued on Monday (August 23). The country’s capital slipped eight spots from 2019 when it ranked 43rd out of 60 cities in the index.

The EIU said that the index ranks 60 cities spread out in five continents in terms of urban safety based on personal, health, infrastructure, digital, and environmental security

Copenhagen topped the list with 82.4 points out of 100, followed by Toronto with 82.2 points, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Also in the top 10 are Amsterdam, Wellington, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Stockholm, in that order.

According to the index, Manila has an average of 52.5 points in the following pillars: 52.9 points on infrastructure; 47.4 points in digital security; 46.4 points in personal; 49.9 points in health; and 65.9 points in environmental security.

Manila outranked the cities of Yangon, Myanmar with 39.5 points; Karachi, Pakistan with 39.7 points; Caracas, Venezuela with 40.5 points; Cairo, Egypt with 43.7 points; and Lagos, Nigeria with 45 points.

Naka Kondo, senior editor of The EIU and editor of the Safe Cities Index 2021 report, stressed that digital security has become even more important now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to The EIU’s report, digital security at the city level often does not meet the current demand and “insecurity will multiply as urban areas increasingly pursue city ambitions.”

The EIU noted that environmental security was just recently introduced as one of the pillars considered in ranking cities, which indicated "the increased importance of sustainability issues and climate adaptation measures amid the pandemic."

The index, which covered 60 major urban areas around the world, revealed the need for “a more holistic approach to health and security and its closer integration into urban resilience planning.”

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