Manila ranked among Time Out's 'best cities in the world'

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Parañaque city, Metro Manila, Philippines - Nov 2021: A woman rests on the grass while other people from around the city flock to a large mall during the weekend. Leisure and recreational time.
A weekend in Parañaque City, Metro Manila. (Photo: Getty)

Manila is on Time Out's annual ranking of the best cities in the world, based on their survey of 20,000 city-dwellers around the globe.

The travel guide platform released its Time Out Index 2022 last week, listing the 53 best cities in the world.

The top five cities in the ranking are Edinburgh, Chicago, Medellín, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

Manila was ranked at No. 34 on the list.

Other Southeast Asian cities that made it onto the list are Kuala Lumpur (33rd), Singapore (44th) and Bangkok (51st).

Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, cities that were included are Mumbai (14th), Melbourne (15th), Taipei (16th), Tokyo (24th), Sydney (46th) and Hong Kong (52nd).

Paranaque city, Metro Manila, Philippines - Nov 2021: A zumba class at the outdoor plaza of Ayala Malls Manila Bay, a large shopping center mall
Evening at the outdoor plaza of Ayala Malls Manila Bay, a large shopping center in Paranaque, Metro Manila. (Photo: Getty)

According to Time Out, they quizzed 20,000 city-dwellers in order to collect data about locals' impressions of their own cities.

The aspects of city life that Time Out focused on in its survey were food, culture, and nightlife, which included factors like the restaurant scene, bar circuit, museums, the theatre scene, art galleries, and how easy it is to date and make friends.

Time Out writer Shirin Bhandari had this to say about Manila:

What makes us great: Manila gets bad rap for chaos – from overpopulation to epic traffic jams. Do as the locals do and embrace the anarchy, even for just a couple of days before jetting off to one of the Philippines’ more than 7,000 idyllic islands. The legacy of Chinese, Spanish and American influences makes Manila an underrated hub for art and culture, with unique customs and cuisine to boot. The pandemic brought the longest lockdowns, cruel liquor bans and the demand for spacewear-like face shields, but a strong vaccine drive has helped this megacity stay afloat. Manila was voted the third most resilient in this year’s survey, and not a single respondent described the city as rude – instead, it was admired by many for the welcoming and infectious smiles of its people.

Visit now because: The city really is thriving again. Let Manila entertain you as it has before with its high-end shopping malls, eclectic contemporary art galleries and the edgy music venues of the south.

The big numbers: One hundred percent of respondents in Manila didn’t describe locals as rude, making it the least rude city in this year’s Index. Sixty percent said that the city was resilient, while 78 percent raved about its nightlife and party scene.

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