Mansory made a lawnmower that's also a tribute to Air Jordan shoes

Joel Stocksdale
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German car customizing firm Mansory is known for its outrageous and, at best, polarizing projects. But none of them are as strange as this, the BSTN GT XI. Yes, it is a lawn mower. Yes, that is the Air Jordan logo on it. No, none of this is a joke. It's the result of a collaboration between Mansory and the sportswear store BSTN.

We'll confess, we're a bit behind the curve on this project, which made its debut back in December. But it's such a strange thing we still wanted to share it with you, since maybe you missed it, too. According to Mansory, BSTN wanted to create a custom vehicle to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe. The companies learned that the designer of the original shoe took some inspiration for the look from lawn mowers for the Air Jordan XI, and, well, that's how they got to this machine. That's also how this mower got its name.

The design is pretty typical for Mansory. It has carbon fiber everywhere; woven pieces for the racing seat, steering wheel and one of the control levers; "forged" carbon fiber pieces on the nose section. That nose features a huge hood scoop and vents on either side. Mansory also gave it a custom shell for the bag, and naturally stuck a wing on top of it. It's all capped off with white-wall tires and a smattering of BSTN and Air Jordan badges. We are a bit surprised that Mansory restrained itself to shades of gray, considering the company's history with garish colors.

The lawn mower is a one-off vehicle, and it doesn't seem to be for sale. We're not entirely sure that's a bad thing, since we don't know if the world could handle much more of this madness.

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