Marcos movie to further divide Filipinos, says Martial law survivor, lawyer

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A VETERAN lawyer and Martial Law survivor in Cebu condemned the controversial movie “Made in Malacañang” for depicting scenes that promoted historical revisionism, particularly the scene of the soon-to-be President Corazon Aquino playing mahjong with the Carmelite sisters while staying in Cebu when the Edsa People Power Revolution broke out.

“Abi nako nga ang ilang battle cry is Unity? They are asking the country to unite, but this movie that they are making only further divides us. Nagkagubot na hinoon ta,” said lawyer Democrito Barcenas. (I thought their battle cry was unity.)

Barcenas told SunStar Cebu Wednesday that he was disgusted by the latest trailer of the movie showing the actress portraying Aquino playing mahjong with the nuns. He said it distorts what really happened when Aquino stayed at the monastery of the Discalced Carmelite sisters in Mabolo, Cebu City on Feb. 22, 1986.

“Wala man gyuy problema nang mag mahjong. But grabe ra sad kaayo nang ilang gibuhat nga gidepict si Cory nga nagduwa ug (There’s no problem with playing mahjong. But it’s just too much to depict Cory playing) mahjong with the nuns at the time when their lives were in danger. At the time when Cory was there, the nuns prayed for the entire night kay nahadlok sila nga basin sulongon sila sa mga military atong gabiuna (because they feared that the military would attack them that night),” he said.

He questioned the film maker’s motivation in broadcasting the controversial trailer a day before Aquino’s 13th death anniversary last August 1.

The trailer was aired on director Darryl Yap’s Facebook page, Vincentiments, on July 31, 2022.

“What they (“Maid in Malacanang” creators) are doing is not only fake but also malicious,” Barcenas added.

A Catholic bishop of the Diocese of San Carlos in Negros Occidental called on the public to “boycott” the controversial movie.

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza described the film as “shameless,” stressing that the “producer, scriptwriter, director and those promoting this movie should publicly apologize to the Carmelite nuns, to President Cory Aquino’s family and to the Filipino people.”

The movie’s scriptwriter and director is Darryl Yap, while its creative producer is Senator Imee Marcos. Imee and President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. are children of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., whom the Filipino people ousted in the Edsa Revolution.

Bishop Alminaza said Wednesday that the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board must act responsibly on the matter and “perform its mandated duty.”

The film is about the last 72 hours of the family of the dictator Marcos Sr. in the presidential palace before they fled to Hawaii during the Edsa Revolution.

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